Etasico Italian leather handbags high quality and affordable luxury bags are offered for wholesale and retail through authorized dealers.  Etasico handbags are recognized for their 12 months limited warranty. 

If you are in the fashion business and would like to resell our Etasico handbags, we welcome you to fill out an application.  Etasico LLC is proud to offer it's products to only a few qualified resellers quarterly.  It's a slow process due to the limited supply in production, the proven track of Etasico high quality and it's affordability.  

Etasico handmade italian leather handbags offer a wide variety of classic and new collections introduced every season and throughout the year.  They are sold in specialty boutiques, independent websites and professional highly qualified sellers on marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Rakuten, NewEgg and similar.

We offer Wholesale as an authorized dealer and a Distributor.  

We offer a great business opportunity for large wholesale businesses on a discrete and a limited incentives for a mutual beneficial relationship.  Please contact us for more details.

Authorized Dealer:
You're certified and approved to sell Etasico Handbags by Etasico LLC.  Minimum first order required is 8 handbags.  Thereafter, 6 bags or $400 for the first order whichever is higher.  Followed orders of 4 and/or $250.